Thistle - National Flower of Scotland: Cross Stitch Pattern

Thistle - National Flower of Scotland: Cross Stitch Pattern

The Thistle - the national flower of Scotland. This beautiful and intricate cross-stitch pattern captures the essence of this iconic symbol in this simple design that will add a touch of Scottish charm to any space.

The Thistle cross stitch pattern is designed for 14-count white Aida fabric, making it easily accessible for stitchers of all skill levels. With just 81 stitches horizontally and 78 stitches vertically, the finished piece measures approximately 5.79 x 5.57 inches or 14.70 x 14.15 cm. It's the perfect size to create or incorporate a beautifully framed piece into other crafting projects.

You'll need three colors from the renowned DMC thread collection to bring this pattern to life. The delicate shades of 208 Pansy Lavender, 319 Shadow Green, and 904 Avocado Green perfectly capture the elegance and vibrancy of the thistle flower. These colors blend seamlessly together, creating a visually stunning piece that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

The Thistle holds a special place in Scottish culture and history. It has been the national emblem of Scotland for centuries and symbolizes bravery, loyalty, and strength. The Thistle's spiky leaves and delicate purple flower make it a unique and recognizable symbol, and now you can recreate its beauty with your own hands.

Cross-stitching is a fantastic way to relax and unwind, allowing you to express your creativity and create lasting art pieces. Whether you're an experienced stitcher or just starting, this Thistle cross stitch pattern offers a delightful challenge that will bring you joy every step of the way.

So gather your supplies, set aside some time for yourself, and let the Thistle cross-stitch pattern transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Scotland. Embrace the rich history and beauty of the national flower as you watch your creation come to life, stitch by stitch.

Download the free Thistle - National Flower of Scotland cross stitch pattern today and embark on a stitching journey that celebrates Scottish culture and showcases your crafting skills. Happy stitching!